Our Workshop

Overlooked by the Apennine mountains, behind an unassuming wooden door lies the magical workshop in which Annellino London’s pieces are created. It is here that Giuseppe, the master goldsmith, first introduced Gabriella to the world of handcrafted fine jewellery.

Having grown up shadowing his grandfather, Giuseppe is committed to the passing on and use of the ancient techniques, some thousands of years old that make his creations so special. In particular the art of Lost Wax Casting, most prominently used during the Italian renaissance to cast Bronze Sculptures, is a technique that creates the settings in which hand cut precious stones are set.

In the 145 year old workshop, Giuseppe is joined with three orafi all of whom have been with him since joining as apprentices over a decade ago. The passion for training and mentoring students has been woven through all aspects of the workshop, from stations specially set up and ready for new apprentices, to regular courses being held to teach in the art of gemology.

The skills held by the four orafi has encouraged a focus on each piece being hand worked in house right from its conception, resulting in a large part of the workshop being dedicated to the cutting of raw rocks and polishing of stones using specialist tools and machinery.