Diamond Signet Rings Available in White, Black or Champagne Diamonds



Tactile!! This is how I would describe these pretty little rings- you see them and you just want to put them on. The way they sit on your finger, you can choose for either pinky or any other, is perfect. The elegant curve of the shoulders lead up to a round face where approximately 31 Diamonds have been set. This ring is great to pop on everyday for that bit of sparkle- just ask and I’ll share some videos because they really bring these pieces to life.

Black and Champagne Diamond Signets start from £1,350

White Diamond Signets start from £1,700

All are set in 18kt Gold and you can choose to have them set in White, Yellow or Rose.

We are also able  to set with a variety of coloured Sapphires and Emeralds from £1,300 so please get in touch to enquire.